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Personalised Name Necklaces



Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the Carrie name necklace from Sex and the City
Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the famous ‘Carrie’ Name Necklace


Name necklaces are a perfect one-of-a-kind personalised gift for you or a loved one.


Made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City their popularity is growing steadily since. In fact Sarah Jessica Parker revealed she still has Carrie Bradshaw’s most prized possesion!

“I love it, and it’s tucked away somewhere safe.”


The Layered Look


Taking inspiration from style icon Carrie, wear with longer chains for an on trend layered look. This necklace will add a personal touch to your style while keeping you ahead in the fashion stakes!


See Your Name In Gold


gold name plate necklace
9K Gold Name Necklace

Create your own name plate pendant from 9ct yellow gold. Unlike any other necklace, this one is personalised just for you! Why not try something a little playful and use your or your loved ones nickname. Each necklace is made especially for you. Therefore please allow from 2 – 3 weeks for delivery.


Your Name in Sterling Silver


Sterling silver name necklace
Sterling Silver Name Necklace


While gold is more than beautiful it does come with a higher price tag. For those who love the look but not the price, our sterling silver name necklace makes a perfect alternative. Silver also happens to look very striking on pale skin.

Personalised Gift

Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one, the name necklace makes the perfect personalised gift. Order your bespoke necklace today!


Sterling Silver Name Pendant 



Yellow Gold Name Pendant 


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