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March Birthstone Jewellery | Aquamarine


9K White Gold Aquamarine Pendant
9ct White Gold Aquamarine Pendant

Aquamarine is the beautiful birthstone for March.  The name derives from the Latin word aqua marina (sea water), owing to its varying shades of soothing blue-green colours. One of the most popular semi precious gemstones in jewellery, it pairs most beautifully with diamonds in white gold.


March Birthstone Meaning & Symbolism

Gold Aquamarine Pendant With Diamond
9ct Gold Aquamarine Pendant with Diamond

Not just a beautiful stone, Aquamarine evokes feelings of tranquility serenity, clarity and harmony. Its calming energy reduces stress and quiets the mind. Known as a Healing Stone it is an excellent choice for a gift whether you were born in March or not.


Healing Properties of Aquamarine 

  • A Healing Stone
  • Washes away stress
  • Cools a high temper
  • Clears the mind
  • Calms the heart
  • Activates inner courage
  • Enhances creative expression
  • Promotes empathy and kindness
9K White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant
9ct White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Pendant

Symbols Associated with Aquamarine

  • Vitality
  • Courage
  • Purity
  • Loyalty
  • Hope
  • Truth


19th Anniversary Gift

9ct Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings
9K Yellow Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Earrings


You may have already known that Aquamarine was the birthstone for March. But did you know it was also the gift traditionally given for a 19th anniversary gift?  What better way to spoil your loved one after 19 years than with this gorgeous gem stone. Discover our dedicated march birthstone jewellery or browse our full birthstone jewellery collection.



 March Birthstone Claddagh Jewellery

Claddagh March Birthstone Ring
Claddagh March Birthstone Ring Handmade in 14K White Gold


Of course we cannot speak about March Birthstone jewellery without mentioning the iconic Claddagh jewellery. Combine the Aquamarine’s unique healing properties with Ireland’s iconic symbol of Love, Loyalty and Friendship to give a truly meaningful birthday gift. Loved worldwide our range of Claddagh Birthstone jewellery is hand crafted in silver and gold. Featuring a collection of rings, pendants and earrings, it is always a favourite. Discover the much loved Claddagh birthstone jewellery collection from Galway.



Cleaning & Maintaining Your Aquamarine Jewellery

White Gold X Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant
9ct White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond X Pendant


The hardness and durability of gem stones is measured on a Mohs scale. The scale is based on the relative ease of difficulty with which one mineral can be scratched by another.  It is worth noting the Mohs scale is deceptive. Diamond is measured at 10 just one number away from the corundum family. But is many times harder than the gems in the Corundum family.

Aquamarine is 7.5 – 8 on this scale. Therefore it is a durable gemstone as long as you treat it with the care and attention this stunning Gem stone deserves.


Cleaning Your Aquamarine Jewellery


The safest way to clean your Aquamarine jewellery is of course by a professional. We have all the equipment including an ultrasonic cleaner and steam cleaner to bring your Aquamarine jewellery back to its full glory. Check out our jewellery services page for more information.

Alternatively you can you can use warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush to clean your jewellery.

Simply soak the jewellery in a mild dish soap for a few minutes. Then clean the jewellery with your soft toothbrush. Finish by using a soft cloth to dry completely.


9ct White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Vintage Style Drop Earrings
9K White Gold Aquamarine & Diamond Vintage Style Drop Earrings


Discover March Birthstone Jewellery


Now that we have armed you with the meaning behind this beautiful birthstone you can browse the beautiful collection online. Whether buying as a gift for yourself or a loved one this simply stunning stone is sure to impress.


9K Gold March Birthstone Engravable Pendant


At Fallers we offer a great range of jewellery including claddagh jewelleryceltic jewellerybirthstone jewellerycladdagh birthstone jewellery and much more. Browse our jewellery online or shop our jewellery in Ireland today.

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