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Cleaning & Maintaining your Jewellery

One of the most commonly asked questions we are asked in our store is advice on wearing and cleaning jewellery. The advice is simple for daily wear jewellery for example engagement rings and wedding bands it is advised to have these checked and cleaned professionally once a year. Prongs can be damaged and settings can wear down, increasing the chances of losing a diamond or gemstone.

Caution is required around gemstones such as emeralds , tanzanite , opal , pearl and coral jewellery. When you are purchasing your jewellery you should always ask the advice on cleaning your jewellery. When carrying out excessive work remember to remove your jewellery. Common household cleaners can damage precious metals such as Silver , Gold and Platinum. When taking of your jewellery remember to store in a safe area.

Polishing clothes and diamond brushes are a great way to keep diamond jewellery looking their very best. Modern day hand creams and body lotions can find their way onto diamonds and gemstones dulling down the luster of the stone. In some extreme cases it is not possible to remove the product and the stone can only be re-polished. Remember when applying hand creams, body lotions and perfumes it is important not to spay or apply directly onto your jewellery.

Faller jewellers have onsite jeweller and jewellery repair workshop. We are happy to asses any jewellery for estimates to repair. We clean and polish jewellery in store on a daily basis and are happy to assist with any jewellery questions you may have. Please call instore or pop us an e-mail online with your question.


  • Get your jewellery you wear daily check and cleaned professionally once a year
  • Ask when purchasing your jewellery the best way to clean it
  • When you don’t need to wear your jewellery remove it and store it in a safe place

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