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Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings- Your Complete Guide


What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown Diamonds are ethically sourced and offer fantastic value for money. 100% a diamond. They are identical to mined diamonds, Chemically, Physically and Optically the same. And are Certified to prove this.


The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Earth Mined Diamonds


 They are both Diamonds just with different history’s

As previously mentioned there is no difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds chemically, physically or in appearance. The only difference is in the formation of the Diamond.


How Lab Grown Diamonds are Formed


Just like earth mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are created using heat and pressure. Producers use a small diamond Seed and grow it using High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).

This process mimics the immense pressure and temperatures that earth mined diamonds undergo. However with much quicker results. A diamond can grow in 6-12 weeks in the lab. While this process in earth mined diamonds can take between 1 and 4 billion years.



A rough lab grown diamond is formed and then hand-cut and polished for setting. Just like traditionally mined Diamonds, LG Diamonds are available in the same popular shapes and cuts. 



Diamond Cuts and Shapes
Diamond Shapes



Certified Diamonds


LG Diamonds are graded by reputable Gemological Institutes in the exact same way as traditionally mined Diamonds . The quality of the Diamonds are evaluated  based on the 4Cs, Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Because it is impossible for the naked eye to see the difference between lab and mined diamonds, LG is laser inscribed on each diamond along with an ID number to distinguish between the two.


While the lab can mimic the conditions of a mine, it cannot control the growing process. Therefore lab grown diamonds are susceptible to the same imperfections as traditionally mined diamonds. However having said that, top Colours and Clarity’s are achievable at a much lower cost.


Value For Money


One of the core advantages of buying a lab grown diamond is value for money. Because mined Diamonds take thousands of years to produce and require huge manpower to excavate thousands of tons of Earth to source the stones, they are more expensive than diamonds grown in a lab. LG Diamonds also avoid unethical labour, and have a lower carbon footprint on the earth.


Pros of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Ethically sourced
  • A fraction of the price of traditionally mined Diamonds
  • Fully Certified evaluating the 4 Cs, colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.
  • Identical in appearance and composition of traditionally mined Diamonds.

Disadvantages of Lab Grown Diamonds


There is only a disadvantage in buying an LG Diamond Engagement ring if you are considering upgrading your stone in future years. Because LG diamonds are still relatively new on the market, their long term value is yet to be determined.

Traditionally mined Diamonds are valued both for the 4 Cs and their rarity. Taking thousands of years to form.  And this is reflected in the price. Since there is a continuous supply of LG Diamonds, they are less expensive than mined diamonds. Therefore if you are looking for a larger diamond engagement ring but do not have the budget, an LG Diamond would be the perfect choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Yes LG Diamonds are 100% a real diamond. They are made from carbon and are chemically, optically and physically the exact same.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Certified?

Yes all of the LG diamonds we sell are certified by a reputable Gemological Institute. They are graded and evaluated covering the 4 Cs, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Look the Same?

Yes LG and traditionally mined Diamonds look the exact same. Showing the two side by side, you would never notice a difference.

Will Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Their Value?

The long term value of LG diamonds has not yet been determined. However they do have the rarity of traditionally mined diamonds so we cannot say they will hold their value.

Will Lab Grown Diamonds Last?

Again LG Diamonds are the exact same as traditionally mined diamonds. They are just as durable and as long lasting, there is no difference.

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds? 

LG Diamonds are the perfect option if you want a larger Carat weight (bigger stone) top Colour and Clarity without the bigger price tag. Because there is a continuous supply, the price is considerably lower. Allowing you to purchase a much bigger ring with a smaller budget.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds the Same as Cubic Zirconia?

No, LG diamonds are not the same as Cubic Zirconia stones, CZs are man mad stone they do not have the same properties as a diamond. LG Diamonds are 100% a real diamond, the difference is only in the formation.

Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Cheaper?

LG Diamonds are cheaper simply because there is a continuous supply. Unlike mined diamonds that take thousands of years to form, LG diamonds are formed in 6/12 weeks.

How Do You Identify Lab Grown Diamonds?

LG Diamonds are not obvious to the naked eye. For this reason, they are laser inscribed with LG. Jewellers also have specific tools to identify these diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds More Ethical?

LG Diamonds avoid unethical labour and they have a lower carbon footprint on the earth. Because they are formed in a lab they are more ethical.

How to buy a Lab Grown Diamond?

Shop our latest collection of LG Diamonds in store or online. Our helpful staff are more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding this beautiful jewellery. Located on Williamsgate St, in Galway city, book an appointment to view the beautiful collection.


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